January 2008 Rap-Up

A lot has happened in the world of science since the New Year and the only way to really express the discoveries and controversies is through a free-form rap.

Science Metropolis
is growing in fits
and there’s more to come 
if I can get more than three hits.
In the past four weeks
as the daily planet turned
methadone deaths rose
and humans were cloned
An outbreak of staph
was found in gay men
and a cholesterol debate
was sparked by Vytorin.
Cholera is spreading
through birds at Salt Lake
and a doctor in Boston can
now transplant kidneys that take


A bacteria was built
from artificial genes  
and cases of autism
linked to chromosome 16.
Meat from cloned animals
passed the test,
though the general population
doesn’t think it’s the best.
Henry Fountain at the Times
wrote about two new species:
A snail with several coils
and a kamikaze tree.
The trend of stem cell banking
is growing in the U.S.
and did you hear Columbus
may have spread syphilis?
So keep scanning the news
for scientific feats
and this humble Website
will produce the beats. 


Posted by Joseph, under science rap-up  |  Date: January 31, 2008
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