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Jennifer Berglund


I’m a graduate student in the Science and Medical Journalism Program at Boston University. My love for science began with the outdoors. Growing up in Tennessee, I was surrounded with lovely landscapes and a level of biodiversity that exceeds any location in North America. Naturally, I developed an appreciation and a curiosity for the natural world that has remained with me throughout my life. As a science journalist, I want to make science tangible and fun for normal people because I feel like no one should have to be a scientist to love and understand it.

Whenever I have time to spare, I love going on adventures, indoor vegetable gardening, brewing beer, and watching jazz and bluegrass around Boston. I write for Science Metropolis because it’s pretty darn fun.

Examples of my work are listed below. E-mail me at jejebah [at] bu [dot] edu.


10/21/08 – “Introducing Gonzalo Giribet: A Curator of Invertebrate Zoology” ~

10/13/08 – “The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch: Not Just For the Holidays” ~

10/3/08 – “The Largest Canyon in the World” ~

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